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My significant other phones me to tell me that she came out of a store to find that her suv has a flat tire…

So I loaded a few items into the jeep and away I go.

I was hoping that I could inflate the tire and the tire would hold air long enough to make it home.

Luck was on our side!

I keep an array of tools in the jeep but this time I added two items for this situation to aid in inflating the flat tire.

Item one:

  • The portable compressed air tank! This tank is filled with compressed air and was a god send in rapid filling the large suv tire that needs high pressure plus a large volume of air! Just make sure you have the proper air valve attachment to fill the tire! I had the tank filled to 80 psi. This was perfect for the transferring of air from the tank to the tire. It took all of two minutes to reach 40 psi. tire pressure from 5 psi! The filled tank will stay in the jeep!

Item two:

  • The 12 volt inflator! This one seems ok. It has a 10 minute continous duty cycle. Which translates into; run it for 10 minutes, shut it off and let it cool off, then repeat. Slow to fill a large tire. It will pump enough air into the tire allowing you to drive the vehicle to a service garage, etc… It is well worth having one in your vehicle kit. It runs off your 12 volt plug outlet on your dashboard.

Air Tank


I also keep a hydraulic jack & two jack stands in the jeep to facilitate tire changing.

Water, a first aid kit, tools, seasonal clothing, a manual tire pump, a tire plug kit, and a can of slime tire seal is part of my road kit as well…

Kit up your vehicle, you will need it someday.


Patriot Fitness, Networking & Tribe Building…

We Patriots are a relatively a small percentage of the population that is growing. We need to awaken, influence, & educate fellow Patriots & would be Patriots alike…

Strong fit Patriots are harder to kill, they are more influential to others to get fit. Patriots who are fit represent & inspire other Patriots to get fit. To many times we see good people that are unfit that are preaching Patriotism & the need of all to be prepared for hard times.This unfit person failed in the most important Patriot prep of all, FITNESS. TALKING THE TALK WITHOUT CLEARLY DEMONSTRATING WALKING THE WALK is a gross misrepresentation of what a prepared Patriot must be.

The following is an example of how to get people to follow your advice on preparedness. You give them a reason to believe that you have advice worth following. If you’re trying to convince people that they need to get in shape and train, then you must be in shape & be able to demonstrate a level of fitness that illustrates that you are in shape.


“You lose weight at the table & you get fit through vigorous exercising.”

Your diet should be of the high protein low carb type.



It is our sacred duty to be fighting fit.

Book Review; Green Eyes & Black Rifles, by; Kyle Lamb

We consider this a must have for the AR-15 Carbine user.

It reads well, direct, to the point, all based on real world experience.

It covers EVERYTHING an AR-15 user needs to set-up & train with the AR-15 rifle.

The authors view points are a mirror image of our view points of how to effectively set-up and run an AR-15 Fighting Rifle with a few caveats.

The caveats are:

  • We know of a few other viable optic options that are sturdy enough for for hard use that are more economical…
  • The trigger options listed in the book are still good but a little dated. There are more current offerings that are as good or better. Our favorite is the VTAC Super V Trigger, made by Geissele, Available from the the author of this book. It can be had here: .  Timmey Triggers are great as are CMC Triggers, POF seems to have a good one also, we recommend 4-to 4.5 trigger pull weight across the board. Note: There is nothing wrong with the factory trigger. They are DEPENDABLE. If your factory trigger is “gritty”, (Some are) go on you tube and search for AR-15 Trigger jobs. The factory trigger can be “slicked” up nicely for little cost. Just take your time and be careful. Do not buy into all the hype in the “tactical world”, the standard AR-15 is fine as is, as long as you have purchased a quality rifle or built a rifle using quality parts. All the accessories available for the AR-15 rifle is almost endless. When in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE / BASIC. Anyway, get this book and study it, then practice often. You will become potent with your AR-15!

Green Eyes & Black Rifles

ISBN: 978-0-615-16654-4

The Revisiting of the Waist Pack (Fanny Pack)

As dorky as they may seem, they are great for EDC (Every Day Carry).

They are great for carrying a small load out that may consist of a multi-tool, pistol mags, knife, flashlight, level one first-aid kit, handgun.

They do not look “tactical”, so they can be worn in public without drawing attention. (Gray Man Concept.)

Gun Fighting on the Move, PRACTICE IT!

Paint Ball training between two adversaries is also a great training aid.

Shoot, Move, Communicate.

Home Defense Weapon Choice

We get more than a few questions about home defense against intruders that are presenting an imminent threat to you & your loved ones. The following is an opinion only, you are responsible for your own actions…

The main question is the choice of firearm.

First off, any firearm is better that no firearm.

We recommend the AR-15 in 5.56mm.

(A shotgun is a great choice also.)

  • The AR-15 in 5.56mm is our choice for a fighting rifle, so we are very familiar with its handling.
  • The rifle needs a good weapon mounted light for target identification, this is an absolute must have!
  • You must have electronic earmuff hearing protection with your rifle. The electronic earmuffs will amplify all safe level sounds helping you to assess the situation and aid in communication. If you need to fire your weapon, especially indoors, the electronic earmuffs will SAVE your hearing. Fail in this FACT, you will be temporally almost deaf to deaf, which disables you from being able to assess audible sounds & communicate with your loved ones and the intruder. If you have fired your weapon in doors with no hearing protection, in time your hearing will come back but may well have been permanently damaged. KEEP YOUR ELECTRONIC EARMUFFS WITH YOUR HOME DEFENSE WEAPON!
  • We also consider a electronic red dot sight a mandatory requirement to aid in rapid target acquisition in all conditions, especially low light / no light conditions. A quality red dot sight is always faster to get on target than Irons and work in low light / no light conditions. Back up iron sights are mandatory in case of your red dot failing.
  • Also keep eye protection with your home defense weapon for obvious reasons.

The following videos get the point across well enough…

Best regards,