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Contact your Senators NOW!

A call to action!


Copy and paste the letter, send it to your senators now!

“Honorable Senator,

Please block, obstruct, and deny President Obama’s effort to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. I fully support whatever senate procedure (filibuster), tactic, or strategy to prevent an Obama appointee in replacing Justice Scalia. This will help prevent further destruction to our Constitution and maintain political balance in The Court. I and millions of others will continue to give you our votes for this effort.

President Obama has kept his promise of transforming America. Unfortunately this “transformation” is one of trampling individual liberties, the expansion of government scope and its authority, and disregarding the constitutionally established legislative processes (executive orders). He has enjoyed tremendous success in this Progressive agenda, largely unopposed by frightened Republicans.

Now he wishes to permanently tilt the Supreme Court decidedly in favor of the Progressive Movement. His appointees, confirmed by many Republicans, of Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan prove this point. With a third Supreme Court nomination, his agenda will be accelerated regardless of the future makeup of Congress and the Presidency.

Therefore I urge you to OBSTRUCT President Obama’s effort in a 2016 Court confirmation. This should be the job of the next elected President. Whether the critics and the media for this patriotic effort knowing that we, the People, support your efforts. Even Barack Obama himself has employed this tactic as a Senator, engaging in the filibuster process himself in years past. This political battle will shape America’s destiny for generations. Please stand strong!




Trump might get wacked…

Corporate Treason Against the U.S.A.

We are calling for the boycott of any American company that moves its operation outside the United States of America.

American businesses that move their operation(s) outside the U.S.A. cost people their jobs!

This is treason against the U.S.A.!