Home Defense Weapon Choice

We get more than a few questions about home defense against intruders that are presenting an imminent threat to you & your loved ones. The following is an opinion only, you are responsible for your own actions…

The main question is the choice of firearm.

First off, any firearm is better that no firearm.

We recommend the AR-15 in 5.56mm.

(A shotgun is a great choice also.)

  • The AR-15 in 5.56mm is our choice for a fighting rifle, so we are very familiar with its handling.
  • The rifle needs a good weapon mounted light for target identification, this is an absolute must have!
  • You must have electronic earmuff hearing protection with your rifle. The electronic earmuffs will amplify all safe level sounds helping you to assess the situation and aid in communication. If you need to fire your weapon, especially indoors, the electronic earmuffs will SAVE your hearing. Fail in this FACT, you will be temporally almost deaf to deaf, which disables you from being able to assess audible sounds & communicate with your loved ones and the intruder. If you have fired your weapon in doors with no hearing protection, in time your hearing will come back but may well have been permanently damaged. KEEP YOUR ELECTRONIC EARMUFFS WITH YOUR HOME DEFENSE WEAPON!
  • We also consider a electronic red dot sight a mandatory requirement to aid in rapid target acquisition in all conditions, especially low light / no light conditions. A quality red dot sight is always faster to get on target than Irons and work in low light / no light conditions. Back up iron sights are mandatory in case of your red dot failing.
  • Also keep eye protection with your home defense weapon for obvious reasons.

The following videos get the point across well enough…

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