Book Review; Green Eyes & Black Rifles, by; Kyle Lamb

We consider this a must have for the AR-15 Carbine user.

It reads well, direct, to the point, all based on real world experience.

It covers EVERYTHING an AR-15 user needs to set-up & train with the AR-15 rifle.

The authors view points are a mirror image of our view points of how to effectively set-up and run an AR-15 Fighting Rifle with a few caveats.

The caveats are:

  • We know of a few other viable optic options that are sturdy enough for for hard use that are more economical…
  • The trigger options listed in the book are still good but a little dated. There are more current offerings that are as good or better. Our favorite is the VTAC Super V Trigger, made by Geissele, Available from the the author of this book. It can be had here: .  Timmey Triggers are great as are CMC Triggers, POF seems to have a good one also, we recommend 4-to 4.5 trigger pull weight across the board. Note: There is nothing wrong with the factory trigger. They are DEPENDABLE. If your factory trigger is “gritty”, (Some are) go on you tube and search for AR-15 Trigger jobs. The factory trigger can be “slicked” up nicely for little cost. Just take your time and be careful. Do not buy into all the hype in the “tactical world”, the standard AR-15 is fine as is, as long as you have purchased a quality rifle or built a rifle using quality parts. All the accessories available for the AR-15 rifle is almost endless. When in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE / BASIC. Anyway, get this book and study it, then practice often. You will become potent with your AR-15!

Green Eyes & Black Rifles

ISBN: 978-0-615-16654-4


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