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McCain’s Statements…


CCW Holsters

We have had mixed results with various CCW Holsters that have been in testing with us for years.

We generally prefer appendix carry but also use other styles of carry dependent upon weather, clothing, & other functional requirements… Every type of carry is somewhat of a compromise…

After years experimenting with different CCW Holsters & substantial cash expenditures, we have arrived at a solid data point in testing.

For inside the waistband, we highly recommend these guys:

Their knowledge, quality, & service are excellent to say the least! (We are in no way affiliated other than being happy customers…) They use USA sourced materials and have a great knowledge of no BS holster designs that flat out perform better than any others that we have tested. (We have tested many of the leading CCW holsters with varying results, none of which were completely satisfying…)

Get one now: