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Glock PDW Project Anti-Terrorist Tool

We are testing the concept. We will post an update when we conclude our assessment of the system.

Update: We have committed to this project. Which means we are going to produce a conversion kit that fits glock full size gen. 1, 2, 3 handguns. The kit will consist of a buffer tube adapter, (a side folding mechanism will be an option.) buffer tube, and a cheek brace. (Remember, you cannot shoulder this without first filling out the ATF paper work and have received approval for making this into a short barreled rifle, SBR…) (But you CAN  use a cheek weld legally!) (The cheek weld is super stable.) What you will need to truly complete this darling project is a single point sling, a weapon mounted light with laser, a red dot electronic sight with a mounting system (milling the slide or by adding a mounting bracket.), & suppressor height sights if you should go the way of the milled slide, (The pictured handgun below has the milled slide.) & a threaded match barrel for accuracy enhancement with no loss of reliability, this also allows the addition of a silencer (which must purchased from a silencer dealer and all ATF paper work/approvals & fees would apply.) This system allows for easy head shots at 50 yards and is concealable. Remember, if you do not shoulder this system it is still classified as a pistol, since the brace is not a stock. Then your CCW permit applies to carrying this concealed and you can still legally transport this across state lines. If we go the way of the SBR, we can now shoulder this system legally but we cannot legally carry it concealed, nor can we transport it across state lines without explicit permission from the ATF. NOW YOU KNOW, the choice is yours.



We have decided on adding a manual thumb safety to the host gun (Gen. 3 Glock 17, 9mm). This is necessary due the P.O.U. (Point of use) of this weapon platform. With the brace adapter and the brace installed, the weapon now is a carbine like precision platform that is able to make very quick and easy head shots inside a 100 yards! This weapon platform will not be holstered (obviously…). It will be suspended from a single point sling when carried on your person and stowed in a discreet bag of sorts. When carrying this weapon slung, the chance of something finding its way into the trigger guard is very possible, the same applies to carrying this weapon in a discreet bag of your choice. This is why we decided on the addition of the thumb safety is mandatory. We actually like the idea for all “carry” glocks as well… Below are some photos of the safety installed on a glock 26 9mm as a visual reference as to what the installation will look like on any size glock.

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The fantastic manual safety installed on a Glock 26 for visual reference only. (It works great! We recommend this upgrade to anyone who carries a glock…)