Economics / Frugality’s

  • Prepare/cook your own foods, use organic when ever possible… By doing this you will save money that would be spent on dinning out, more than likely consuming less than healthy foods. (The Paleo type diet is our favorite.)
  • Purchase consumables in bulk, this always saves on cost…
  • Unsubscribe from cable / satellite T.V., (Most of what is televised is brain washing garbage.) Subscribe to Netflix or something similar for your movie needs. This is much cheaper than cable or satellite, etc. Even cheaper yet, your local library usually has movies to loan out for free.
  • Change your light bulbs to high efficiency LED’s that use less electricity, reducing your energy cost. Insulate your home well, this saves as well. It may be tempting to crank the heat up but it is better to dress a little warmer to save on energy cost…
  • If your have a gym membership and are motivated type of person, consider canceling this membership and train at home. Resistance exercising can be free if you use your body weight and be creative. Investing is free weights is a great idea as well. Buy once, cry once as they say, but you have them for ever! Cardio is free, walk, run, backpack, ride your bike, do vigorous yard work. If feasible, walk to the store rather than drive, etc…
  • Always shop for deals. There is always deals to be had, you must train yourself to find them.
  • Try to focus more on purchasing needs than wants. Set saving goals, etc.
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