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Prepping Supply Source

Hello fellow Patriots,

Here is a link to a good place for prepping supplies.


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Rain Man



Online “Scanner”!

Hello fellow Patriots,

This link is your “local online scanner.”

Use in good health.

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What If Killary Wins=War with Russia= Potential Nuclear Attack on U.S.A. …?

Fellow Patriots,

This is our reality: We have two choices for president, “Killary the Crooked” & Trump.

The big “Banksters” of the world want “Killary” to win.

We need for Trump to win. As he is the absolute lesser of the “Evils”…

The U.S. politicians do not want Trump, which is good enough for us to want Trump.

Trump speaks straight and we like most of the things he is saying…

The U.S. policy makers have been pushing for war with Russia for a longtime now…

If “Killary” wins, will very potentially lead  the U.S. to war with Russia.

We have a better military than Russia, Russia knows this, but they have China as a potential partner. Russia, we predict would likely go nuclear early on in the conflict.

You may be thinking, the U.S. can go nuclear as well. This is true. Russia has way more land mass than the U.S.A., thus will fare much better during a nuclear conflict.

Scared yet? Don’t be. It will do you no good….

Preparing is a better plan.Go here and download this book, it is free!

Act accordingly.

We truly hope we are wrong about the nuclear deal…

Best regards,

Viking Patriot


Natural Health Aids and Remedy’s

Hello fellow Patriots,

Below is a link to a great youtube channel!

The channel contains a lot of natural health aids and remedy’s.

(Disclaimer, we are not Doctors, consult with your Doctor before practicing anything on the channel.)

A Correct Diet for a Healthy Body.

Guten morgan,

We have mentioned this in the past, but this is worth restating.

This is the best diet approach that we have ever tried.

Give the diet a month combined with good training, you will be happy.

What to Eat on the Paleo Diet

Best regards,


Viking Patriot





An Interesting Article… How World Jewry Pushed America Into WWII

How World Jewry Pushed America Into WWII