Dump F A C E B O O K & G m a i l

They track you.



Today in 1775 the war began with the England.


G e n o c i d e against W h i t e P e o p l e…

The operational genocide that is being employed in South Africa by blacks against whites is the test run of tactics that are to be employed against White Europeans & White Americans world wide. You say it cannot be so… Look at America and Europe now regarding crimes against Whites in all categories, it is an undeniable fact. But who is behind this? The global communist of course…

Below is a great video showing a glimpse of what IS happening in South Africa:

O D I N World Prayer Day!

ODIN World Prayer Day is the 9th day of each month!

Odin Prayer Day

Low Tech Perimeter Communications/Signaling!

What is Old is New, Again!

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