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P R E P P I N G 101-3

This is installment 3 of the preparedness series.

By now you have accomplished the following which are ongoing forever:

  • Built U.S.K. Kits for everyone in your household and began a dialog with people close to you about the urgency of being prepared for emergencies.
  • Created a large stock of drinking/cooking/hygiene water for emergencies.
  • Created a stock of emergency food. (Start off with the goal of a two week supply and work towards a year or more.)
  • You started an aggressive diet / fitness routine.

Today we will suggest that you learn to shoot a pistol & a rifle & stock pile ammunition and magazines, ect.

  • Regarding pistols: We recommend a semi auto chambered in 9mm, .40SW, 45ACP…
  • Get a CCW license/permit. Get at least 5 magazines, a good holster, 500 rounds of training ammo. Replenish what you use immediately. Get 500 rounds of defensive ammo for emergency use that never otherwise gets touched. . (Test a magazine of this ammo in your gun to make sure gun will feed it dependably!)
  • What rifle you say? (We recommend the AR-15 chambered in 5.56×45/.223.)
  • If you do not have a rifle you need to purchase one asap. Which one? There are many great choices. Do your own home work. Get 1000 rounds of ammo for training. Replenish what you use immediately. Get at least 10 magazines if it is a semiautomatic. Get at least 1000 rounds of defensive ammo for emergency use that never otherwise gets touched. (Test a magazine of this ammo in your gun to make sure it will feed it dependably!) Also get a good sling.
  • Get training in safe gun handling. You can take a hunters safety class or a basic tactical classes.
  • Regarding basic marksmanship, attend an “Appleseed Event”! link: https://appleseedinfo.org/
  • Appleseed training video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aBeDOxUs6w

You are developing a basic fighting kit for defensive use if needed. You will of course need a good way of carrying all this cool guy/gal stuff when training or for real use…

Watch the videos below for guidance:






We know this stuff cost money… Always ask yourself how much is your life worth? The lives of your loved ones? This gives a sense of purpose to prepping. The key here is consistency. Purchase good gear a little at a time. Military surplus is a bargain. Get training, train on your own. Then teach others.

Stay tuned.

Now get moving!


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This was copied from incogmans website. He is 100% right.



Example of a well thought out Pack…

If you read the first two preparedness articles, and you started building you USK  backpack, you may have questions…

First off, there is no perfect system.

Example: Our area of operation has four seasons. This means we have different load-outs that are influenced by the seasons…

We are not going to go in to great detail of what we run in our systems other than the basics.

Below is a link to a web article that covers what one guy did and the logic that was employed for his area of operation. Read, learn, practice, teach.

Link: https://graywolfsurvival.com/66545/how-to-build-ultimate-25-pound-bug-bag/


This one is good also: https://www.artofmanliness.com/2012/05/10/how-to-build-a-get-home-bag-book-giveaway/