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Online Food Storage Calculator

Prepping tip of the day: Below is a link to a food calculator for the amount of members in the household! The only inaccuracy I see is the water calculation appears to be way short… I subscribe to the “1 gallon per day, per person rule”. The other calculations seem to be spot on.


Tactical tip of the day!

Tactical tip of the day: Regarding your fighting rifle magazine loading configuration: The first 2 rounds loaded into your magazine will be the last 2 fired… So, the first 2 rounds loaded should be tracer rounds. What does this do for you while firing? When you see the first the tracer round, it tells you and your teammates that you have 1 round remaining (tracer type) and it is time for a magazine change. This communicates to you and your teammates that the team should provide cover fire while your weapon is momentarily down. If you like these tips, let us know. We will continue to provide them. Remember your responsibility to be ready to fight never ends!!! TRAIN.


Phonetic Alphabet
This is the US military standard phonetic alphabet.
(It’s also the ICAO alphanumeric used by all aircraft flight crew, and the international radiotelephone operator’s alphabet.
Memorize it. Period.
Minimum competence level = 100%

Save and print hard copies.

Police Version:


History F a c t s

Watch and learn.

The quest for F I R E…

The quest for fire preparedness never ends… Today I was system testing using a 1 quart paint can (new), a roll of toilet paper with the cardboard tube removed (wick), and 70% alcohol for fuel. I filled the can until the toilet paper could no longer absorb. This will burn nicely for a little over 2 hours. No smell, no smoke, no sound, no perceivable soot. A nice person portable stealth heat source system, all for around $5. Great for many uses! You can pre-make these, put the lid on to seal it for use at a later time! I am going to make an elevated cooking grate to go on top…