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Tactics Tip: Noise Discipline

Noise Discipline Tip

Night Vision is all about giving you the edge at night.  Whether your adversary is of the two or four-legged variety, night vision helps you employ stealth.  But, it only helps. It won’t work on its own; you have to do some work too. So, let’s talk about some of the unconventional things that can give you away.

There’s nothing like being out in the field, slowly and quietly creeping towards your target, being aware of every step you take, making sure nothing rattles or makes noise.  You finally make your way into position and… out comes a cough.  It’s a natural body function, so what do you do?  Your night vision gives you a distinct advantage in the dark, but noise discipline is a must if you’re needing to maintain stealth.So, suppress your coughs and throat clearing in the field by bringing some hard candies or losanges with you.  Just remember to only bring the ones wrapped in wax paper!  Crinkling plastic wrap is a big no-no.  But, keeping a hard candy in your mouth will help soothe your throat and suppress that cough, making sure you don’t accidentally give away your position.


World News, a little more truth for once…

AR 15 Homemade Gun Lube ALTERNATIVE!

AR 15 Homemade Gun Lube ALTERNATIVE!

This is a formula called "Bug Juice" we learned at an NRA Instructor School:
*2-Quarts Synthetic Motor Oil. We used 10-30 but weight ain't really important.
*1-Quart Automatic Transmission Fluid. Brand and spec. don't matter.
*1-Bottle of original STP. The blue bottle.
*1-7 oz. jar of Hoppe's Solvent.

Get a one-gallon plastic mayo jar/jug from a restuarant. WARNING:Wash the mayo jug out to remove any mayonaise from inside the jar and dry.

Pour the oil, ATF in first and shake well.
Add the STP and then the Hoppe's and mix well.

It should cost around $30 to mix a gallon, which breaks down to .20 cents an ounce. Much less expensive than store bought lubes.

A little goes a long way. Give your friends some. It is some amazing liquid.

Also, for cleaning, just use straight ATF. It is high detergent and a lubricant as well.

Homemade Gun Lube for the AR 15 Rifle, Save $$!

I use a 50/50 mixture of 30wt synthetic motor oil and automatic transmission fluid. I then take that mixture and thicken with synthetic grease (I use the red bearing grease, waterproof type) until the mixture runs about like maple syrup (the real stuff; it’s a little thinner).

I have been using this mixture for about 5 years now, and I have noticed a couple things about it.

1) It stays put pretty well. if i lube up a rifle and then stand it up in my safe for two or three months, the first time I pull the CH there is still lube in all the critical locations instead of down in my buffer tube.

2) It doesn’t vaporize out of everything after the first three shots. I have run a couple courses, both pistol and carbine, with this mixture. I haven’t had to re-lube as often as others. even after extended usage, there is still lube where it needs to be.

3) Clean up seems to be easier then with other stuff I have used. Maybe it’s because of the detergents in motor oil that are there specifically to fight carbon build-up in high heat environments, but clean up tends to be a snap. no scrubbing…

4) lubrication properties are excellent. I have a couple AR’s with a LOT of rounds through them that have only used this mixture (one in particular has in excess of 10K). Wear is non-existent. Nobody would be able to open one of those rifles up and tell that there has been any more use then break-in.

5) It’s cheap. A bottle of ATF, 30wt Mobil 1, and a tube of synthetic grease has lasted me 3 years now, and I have only used 1/2 of them.

This recipe has worked very well for me.

If the end of the world came, there would be all kinds of cars and trucks rusting away that you’d be able to easily tap into for all three of those components

Home Brewed Penetrating Oil! Save $$!

The products below were independently tested for “break out “torque” on rusted nuts and bolts. A subjective test was made of popular penetrating oils, with the unit of merit being the torque required to remove the nut from a “scientifically rusted” bolt.  Average torque load to loosen nut:

No Oil used ……………………516 foot pounds
WD-40 ………………… ……..238 foot pounds
PB Blaster …………………….214 foot pounds
Liquid Wrench ………………….127 foot pounds
Kano Kroil …………………….106 foot pounds
ATF/Acetone mix…………………. 53 foot pounds

The ATF / Acetone mix is a “home brew” mix of 50/50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Note this “home brew” released bolts better than any commercial product in this one particular test.
Our local machinist group mixed up a batch, and we all now use it with equally good results. Note also that Liquid Wrench is almost as good as Kroil for 20% of the price. ATF / Acetone mix is best, but you can also use ATF and lacquer thinner in a 50/50 mix. ATF = Any type of Automatic Transmission Fluid.