AR 15, Why the 50 yd. Zero is our favorite.

Zeroing first your backup sights and then your optic for a 50 yd. zero has many benefits for the typical AR 15, 5.56/.223, 16 to 20 inch barreled fighting rifle.

Assuming an average engagement range from 0 to 300 yds., the 50 yd. zero flat out works.

(Note: Test was performed from the prone shooting position using a Colt AR 15, 16 inch barrel, both back up sights and a 2 moa red dot optic, 55 grain and 62 grain standard fmj ammo. A minimal bullet impact difference from grain weight variations was observed…)

“Point of aim / Point of Impact” using a 50 yd. zero is as follows. (Distances are in yards, bullet impact variations are in inches. – drop distance, + rise distance from point of aim.)

25 = -1.2

50 = 0 (Note: Both back up sights & Red Dot with 2 moa dot size were zeroed at this distance.)

75 = +0.9

100 = +1.6

150 = +2.0

200 = +1.0

225 = 0   (We are starting to push the usability of the 2 moa red dot sight at this distance. It is great that the bullet trajectory is point of aim / point of impact at this distance. No holdovers needed!)

250 = -1.5

300 = -5.8

As you can see, from 25 yards (-1.2 inches) 200 yards (+2.0 inches) all the way to 300 yards (-5.8 inches) are the variants of bullet impact using point of aim with no hold overs. Comprehend? Below is a target for 50 yard zeroing and it is for use for a 2 moa red dot also! Feel free to print the target for your 50 yard zeroing endeavors.

“Fifty is Nifty”!




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