Rifle Zeroing Options…

Our P.O.U. (Point of use.) for the 16 inch barreled AR15 is engaging targets quickly inside of 300 yards, with a primary emphasis of target engagements 200 yards & less with minimal bullet impact deviation. This why we tend to run a 50 yard zero on iron sights & red dot sights. This has been covered in the past, you can read about it here:  https://norsedefense.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/ar-15-why-the-50-yd-zero-is-our-favorite/

“Point of aim / Point of Impact” using a 50 yd. zero is as follows. (Distances are in yards, bullet impact variations are in inches. – drop distance, + rise distance from point of aim.)

25 = -1.2

50 = 0 (Note: Both back up sights & Red Dot with 2 moa dot size were zeroed at this distance.)

75 = +0.9

100 = +1.6

150 = +2.0

200 = +1.0

225 = 0   (We are starting to push the usability of the 2 moa red dot sight at this distance. It is great that the bullet trajectory is point of aim / point of impact at this distance. No holdovers needed!)

250 = -1.5

300 = -5.8

There are other zeroing options as well. There are links to a few videos below that demonstrate the options. A strong argument can be made favoring a 36 yard zero as well. This zero will group a little tighter from 200 to 300 yards than the 50 yard zero. But the 50 yard zero groups tighter out to 200 & drops 5 to 6 inches at 300

Regarding magnified rifle scopes, zero to the manufacture recommendations. This is usually 100 yards.)

On to the videos:

This video compares the most common zero’s used.


This video demonstrates zeroing at 25 yards and use of a sling for stabilization while shooting.


Get to the range and practice.









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