DIY, Making an Elevated Dog Bed!


The dog is one of Gods greatest creatures!

This is a great DIY Project!

Elevated dog beds are great for dogs.

They get the dog off the ground.

The dog has an easier time getting on / off the bed opposed to laying down / getting up off the ground, etc.

Build one or more!

Video:  bedprintabeinstructionsjune2015dogbedsupplylistSewing Instructions


Project Short Sword Update!

The 8.5 PDW AR15 Pistol is complete and has been tested!

We zeroed it at 50 yards.

It ran well!

It is loud!


Fuel Storage



We recommend storing enough fuel to fill your vehicle…

Don’t store fuel in your home!

Store it in what? Genuine Nato fuel cans painted red…


Use a fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel like this:


To transfer fuel from can to vehicle fuel tank get a couple of these:


How to use the Super Siphon?