NRA Carry Guard Expo Milwaukee WI. (After action report)

We drove to Milwaukee WI. to attend the NRA’s Carry Guard Expo.

We attended the “Glock Armorers Course” on Friday, which was a great learning experience…

We then attended the show on Saturday.

The show was great! Many  company’s were displaying there great products, there were many workshops and seminars one can attend as well. The attendees were great also. We got to meet with a few youtube “celebrities” like “Sootch”, Robbie Wheaton of “Wheaton Arms”, & Chad from Kel-Tec, (Chad is often a cast member on the “Nutnfancy” youtube channel. It was a grand event!

Both days we parked our vehicles about a mile away from the show in a security staffed and security camera equipped parking structure. While we approached the show location we were on the lookout for the communist A T I F A / B L M terrorist.

At 7:45am Friday morning we saw 2 of the A N T I F A commies walking around the sidewalks that surround the expo center. It should be noted that there was a strong police presence both inside and outside the expo. On Saturday while walking to the expo from our parking local we passed two of the A T I F A terrorist openly taking pictures of a police van and squad car. There was a small group of protesters staged outside the expos main entrance. They were peaceful. On our walk back to our parking local we first heard a group yelling some motivational chant. As we continued we were scanning for this group. As we passed the next intersection we saw the A T I F A commies about a .5 block away from us. They were moving opposite our direction. They numbered 12 from what we could see. As far as we know there was no incidences on Friday or Saturday. Today is the last day of the show, so hopefully there will be no problems.

We support the “NRA” & “Gun Owners of America”, they are fighting for our 2nd. Amendment Rights on a POLITICAL LEVEL. We strongly recommend that you do the same! Do not relax your efforts just because Trump won the presidential election. Remember, the communist/socialist/fascists/liberals/democrats never sleep and are ruthless and relentless in their quest to strip away our rights, culture and the existence of our people. The fight is far from over.



The “Other Team’s Playbook”

Here is a little more info about the “Other Team”…


Wireless Dangers…

We all tend to forget the dangers of cell phones, I pads & all the other electronics devices most people use everyday…

The Police Defending the Communist (A N T I F A)

I hope you are understanding that the good guys/gals, the “Alt. Right” have had their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and to “peacefully assemble” violated by the local government & the police. If you go against the communist regime, they will try to crush you. The 100% communist mainstream media supports the efforts to crush the “Alt. Right” and all who are not communist. These are provable facts…





Trijicon RMR Deal Alert!


If you want an Trijicon RMR for your handgun, there is no better deal than this one!

(I just ordered one for my Glock 19 Gen 4 Project…)

Here is the link, your welcome!;