Terror Attack in “Jolly Ole England”

By now most people have heard the mainstream news media account of the the terrorist attack that occurred at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England on Monday, May 22nd., 2017. It has been reported that 22 people were killed and at least 59 more were injured in the attack. Below are some photos taken after the attack.


Below: Saffie Rose Roussos, eight, is among the dead… Take a good long hard look at this beautiful little girl. God Bless her soul. Goddam the filthy sub-human racist terrorist that are targeting people of western cultures. CRUSH THEM ALL. ALL!!! There are no moderates. The ones who claim to be moderate only do so to protect themselves from the facts that there is NO MODERATES IN ISLAM, AS STATED IN THE KORAN!

Saffie Rose Roussos 8 yrs old killed

Now we need to take a look at why & who is at the center of the flooding of white western European countries and the USA as well with these non-assimilating parasites. Hmmmm, ticktock, ticktock, times up. The flooding of predominately white countries are being flooded in the guise of social justice but in reality this being done as a form of genocide against western European / American culture and white people in general. Now who is at the center of this? Ticktock, ticktock, times up. The global Communists Zionists are the evil behind the curtain. What, you just can’t believe that? Well that is up to you. We base everything we post here on very well researched provable facts. All people have the right to have an opinion, but only the opinions that are fact/logic based are accurate. If you do not like provable facts then do not read our posts. Pretty easy eh? The videos below show some admission of what is stated above.

By promoting middle eastern and African immigration into Western countries is the propagation of terrorism and genocide against western people as well.

So it goes… We have been lied to by the race of lairs . This continues every second of every day. You have a lot of research to do.


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