Men to Admire and be Inspired by…

Good morning,

I have noticed that the demasculinization of western man has come full circle with millennial’s  being some of the worst of the lot. This is of course part of the communist plan… The fostering of pussies. I do also see signs that more than a few men know that this model is wrong and are adjusting their mindsets, some need a little help. That’s where we come in.

Perhaps a study of a few TRUE bad asses from the past are in order. The two men of subject should be an inspiration to all of what virtues and character a man should have. Both men are educated, well read, & are alpha warriors of the highest order. It does not take cartoonists looking tattoo’s from head to toe or a 1958 era beatnik beard to be a “Gentleman Warrior”. 2017 is at our door step. You have but one life, make it GREAT! Make the decision to get fit, self educate yourself, learn combative skills, learn survival skills, learn a new language, but LEARN & NEVER STOP LEARNING. Then start teaching others the “Ways of the Gentleman Warrior”. It is your duty.

Now for the two subjects:






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