Somalian Terrorist Attack at Ohio State University…


We live in a time of WAR.

A Somali-born Ohio State University student plowed his car into a group of pedestrians on campus and then got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife Monday before he was shot to death by an officer. Eleven people were hurt, one critically. Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone said that the assailant deliberately drove his small gray Honda over a curb outside an engineering classroom building and then began knifing people. A campus officer who happened to be nearby because of a gas leak arrived on the scene and shot the driver in less than a minute, Stone said.

In recent months, federal law enforcement officials have raised concerns about online extremist propaganda that encourages knife and car attacks, which are easier to pull off than bombings. “Here in the United States, our most immediate threat still comes from lone attackers that are not only capable of unleashing great harm, but are also extremely difficult, and in some cases, virtually impossible to identify or interdict”.

The Islamic State group has urged sympathizers online to carry out “lone wolf” attacks in their home countries with whatever weapons are available to them.

  • The terrorist name & age: Abdul Razak Ali Artan, age: 18
  • The terrorist religion: Muslim
  • The terrorist race: Black
  • The terrorist country of origin: Somalia
  • The terrorist car (Used as a weapon.): Honda
  • The terrorist other weapon: Butchers knife
  • The terrorist goal: Kill non-Muslims
  • Reports indicate Artan came into the United States as a Somali refugee, and was granted status as a legal permanent resident. Artan has made various Jihadist statements in the past…

Photo of the terrorist.


The Terrorist car.


  • Take “away’s” from from this act of terror.
  • He was inspired to conduct a lone wolf attack, as they are much easier to accomplish.
  • The terrorist picked the time and place of which he would conduct his attack. He expected little to no immediate resistance since the victims were not allowed to be armed while on campus.
  • A armed police officer, by chance was close by an killed the terrorist.

Stay alert, avoid large crowds, always be ready for flight or fight. Go armed when legal. Gun free zones exist to make weak, powerless people falsely feel safe and secure. Avoid gun free zones. There are insurgent cultures in the USA whose only purpose in life is to kill us non-believers. AGAIN, STAY ALERT AND PREPARE YOURSELF.

Best regards, V.P.


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