The FS2000 Bullpup Rifle, Still our Favorite of ALL!

Guten morgan fellow PATRIOTS!,

We have been working with the AR-15  pistol in project “Short Sword”, more will come on the project in a future installment.

The choice of the AR-15 pistol for project “Short Sword”was based on the extreme popularity or the AR-15 rifle in America. The AR pistol offers the same manual of arms as the AR rifle, so transition training to the AR pistol is easy. The AR pistol is shorter, louder, & offers less ballistic performance than the AR carbine rifle variants.

It is no secret that we like bullpup rifles. The FS2000 from FNH & the Steyr AUG are our two favorites. The IWI Tavor is a candidate as well. America has never embraced the bullpup rifle, SO SAD. All of these rifles are chambered in 5.56×45 nato. The following of the bullpup rifle in the U.S.A. is small for sure. So small that FNH has dropped the FS2000 from their U.S. catalog. So sad…

The bullpup offers rifle ballistics from a package that short in length like an AR pistol. The focus here will be on the FS2000. The FS2000 is completely ambidextrous. The rifle is very well sealed from debris. It does not eject the shell cases all over the place like all other platforms, it ejects the spent case into a enclosed channel/tube on the right side of the weapon. When the channel/tube has 5 to 6 shell casings in it a trap door springs open and the casings begin to gently fall out & down to the ground. This is a especially a great feature when firing in close confines such as a vehicle or in a building with your buddies. (No hot brass raining on you or hitting you in the face/neck, etc.!)

The price for the FS2000 has increased quite a bit due to lack availability. Many low round count to new rifles are available. One can take a look on and find them for sale…

Below are some photos and videos we collected to show the FS2000 rifle in its awesomeness! Upon studying the photos and videos, one can see the absolute superiority of the design. A lot of people cannot get over the non-traditional looks of bull pup rifles in general. A student of the “martial rifle” must approach the bull pup rifle with an open mind to understand the benefits of a bullpup such as the FS2000, the Steyr AUG, & the IWI Tavor. The AR-15 is Americas rifle. It is a great platform! The bullpup for us offers more versatility. Having options are good! Now go train!


Looks like a “Star Wars” rifle! (We love it!)


The FS2000 features a 17.4-inch hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel, and still measures only 29 inches in total length. Shoulder transitions are seamless!


The best close quarters rifle design ever! Yes, we said ever.


Easy to carry… Single point and two point sling compatible. Handling advantages of SBR rifles are often touted as the difference in terms of effectiveness. Why not enjoy this advantage while retaining barrel length that maintains ballistic performance?


FS2000 with 7-inch barreled SBR AR and 16-inch AR, illustrating compactness offered with bull pup design while retaining 17.4-inch barrel. Photo by Todd Burgreen


FS2000 disassembles quickly into three major components. Simplicity of its design is a major factor in its functionality. Photo by Todd Burgreen

The recoil impulse of any 5.56mm chambered rifle is minimal, however when working on sending multiple rounds downrange accurately, recoil management is important. The straight line bore axis and relatively large butt stock found on the FS2000 dampen recoil better than most 5.56mm rifles I have handled.

The FS2000 bullpup being closer to the body, with resultant center of gravity more toward the rear due to weight of action at the butt—combined with the shooter’s hands being next to each other on the weapon—makes the weapon seem lighter than it is. This contributes to better handling over longer time frames due to lessening fatigue on the arms and shoulders.


The FS2000 needs this factory rail system added so a vertical fore-grip can be added along with a weapon light. The fore-grip is also need for prone shooting. When shooting prone, the rifle is mono podded on the magazine at the rear of the rifle while the shooter partially grips the bottom of the vertical fore-grip with his first two fingers and the meaty part of his fist placed on the ground thus creating a super stable shooting position. See the video below for a demonstration (Prone technique is demonstrated at 3:31) .


Training for civil disorders…


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