Project “Short Sword”Ammo Test:

Link: ammo-test-7-5-inch-ar-15-pistol

All shots were fired at 30ft. from the target (ballistic gelatin) , from an AR-15 pistol with a 7.5 inch barrel.

The test was not performed by us, but by a very reputable source that we trust none the less. So you would need to conduct your own testing to validate if you doubt the results…

We trust this data to be accurate.

For project “Short Sword” (8.5 inch barrel), we have decided on using .223, 50 Grain JHP ammo that we normally run in our 10.5 inch AR-15 pistols. This ammo still has enough velocity when fired from an 8.5 inch barrel to cause the bullet to fragment and it makes a nasty wound channel . It is also affordable, coming in at a little less than .50 cents per round if you shop wisely… We are focusing our efforts for inside of 300 meters, with an emphasis on distances from 5 to 100 meters.

PS; Keep training!

Our best!


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