Preparedness Reminder! Do not neglect this! Murphy Never Sleeps!


A friendly reminder to all.

We are living in a time of WAR in were terrorist attacks can/are happen(ing) anywhere…

We need to stack the cards in our favor.

Keep preparing for emergencies of all types.


Get fit.

Get first aid training.

Get defense training & always carry a firearm legally…

Learn new skills and teach others.

Make sure you have an E.D.C. KIT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.

Make sure your vehicle is prepped for the season.

Make sure you keep a “Get Home Backpack” in your vehicle.

Keep training. Including but not limited to, P.T. , Firearms, Emergency Medical, Communications, etc.

Work towards have 2-3 months worth of water, water filtering & purification, food, shelter, ammo, medical supplies, building materials, reading / writing materials, (The Holy Bible should be included.) etc.

Do not neglect preps for your pets! (NO, YOU WILL NOT EAT THEM TOUGH GUYS AND GALS…)

Those in the cold places, consider alternate / emergency heating methods as a mandatory preparation. Propane, Kerosene, Wood, Solar, etc.

We ALL have work to do.

Embrace it. MAKE IT FUN!

Get to it!

Please, spread the word!

“Gott Mit Uns”!




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