Homegrown & Immigrated Terrorism

Hello fellow Patriots,

We have been informing people about the ever growing threat of homegrown and immigrated terrorism.

We have preached the need of preparedness, the need to train, and the overall ideology of PATRIOTISM & being a great human being as a way of life.

Here is a small list of threats to America and our way of life: (Not in any particular order…)

Islam/Isis: Terrorist/Racist

Black Lives Matter: Mostly Black Terrorist/Racist

The New Black Panthers: Black Terrorist/Racist

La Raza: Which translates to “The Race”: Mostly Hispanic Racist/Terrorist

Democratic Party: Code name for Communist.

Corrupt politicians from both parties…

The list above is far from complete but is a sampling of groups that want to destroy America and our Constitution…

Please read study Constitution and preach Patriotism to ALL.

Educate yourself.

Teach others.

Train everyday…

Be prepared for battle and disasters everywhere you go…

Stay vigilant!

Best regards,

Viking Patriot








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