Modern Gear Systems (Part 2)

In our last installment, Modern Gear Systems (Part 1), we covered the “EDC” base system that will/must integrate with your “Attack Battle Kit” (ABK).

  • The “ABK” must be lightweight, high speed / low drag and cost effective.
  • The ABK will be readily accessible at all times…
  • The ABK will be carried just about everywhere so it is rapidly accessible when needed. At home have the ABK in the same location always, ready to go. (It is your responsibility to make sure no one can obtain your weapon(s)…) Having the ABK quick to access and safe from others will require some planning & preparation. If you decide you cannot have the ABK quick to access and must lock it away due to having others in the household, such as young kids, etc… MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR EDC WEAPON ON YOUR PERSON, even at home… Attacks and home invasions happen EVERYWHERE… YOU MUST RAPIDLY LAUNCH A VIOLENT DECISIVE COUNTER ATTACK OR EVADE THE SITUATION. Fight or flight.
  • ABK: In addition to your EDC, the ABK will consist of a “quick to get on” chest rig. The chest rig will carry two to four loaded rifle mags, all of which have previously be tested with your ammo of choice. The type of chest rig we recommend for this role is a minimalist style for its lightweight and low profile. There are a lot of choices. Here is an example of the type we are looking for:  This type of low profile rig will conceal pretty well under a looser fitting jacket if needed. So include a jacket as well. (Gray Man…) This type of rig can be stowed pretty flat in the trunk concealed with a false floor of sorts. An appropriate overlay of concealment carpet that is attached with spray adhesive to thin tempered Masonite wood, both of which have been cut to fit the trunk outline. You will have to attach parallel pieces of 2×4 to the edges and any “sag points” to maintain levelness. The 2×4’s raise the false floor to create a hidden storage space for your ABK. This concealment compartment will help keep a would be vandal from stealing your gear if your vehicle were to be broken into!  (Get crafting…)

In addition to your minimalistic chest rig of choice, we recommend the addition of personal blowout kit / medical kit that is small in size. This kit will be attached to the chest rig. A pretty good one can be found here: Or you can purchase a small pouch and stock your kit. We recommend a small magazine dump pouch be attached to the waist belt of the chest rig. Position it towards the backside or side (rig dependent), making sure it is accessible with your “secondary” trigger hand for ease of inserting empty magazines… (Maxpedition makes a good one for this… ) You may want to sew this permanently in place with upholstery string or take it to a shoe repair shop to sew on…  (Makes for getting the chest rig on faster, especially under stress…) You may want to add a water bottle pouch as well…

We did not include the utilization of armor to increase ease of mobility/speed, decrease weight and cost…

But if you can afford armor and train with it, we say use it. It could save your life…

Blue Force Chest Gig

Now for the Personal Defense Weapon “PDW”:

“Run what you brung”. Meaning your AR-15, AK, what ever your flavor, as long as you are competent with it and the weapon has proven to be dependable. We all have our preferences. Options are good. We tend to run 16 inch barreled AR-15 Rifles and 10.5 inch barreled AR-15 Pistols in 5.56×45 (With running AR pistols, CCW laws apply, think concealment if needed.)… (All of our recommendations are proven, but are by no means absolute and are subjective…) (Note: A point of consideration is that running 5.56×45 cal. potentially makes ammo sourcing more efficient, just saying…) What ever your PDW choice make sure your have a DEPENDABLE light mounted to the weapon… This weapon stays with your ABK. And finally: You are responsible for being/acting in a legal manner. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR LOCAL & FEDERAL LAWS…


AR-15 Pistol with 10.5 inch barrel. (For reference only…)

AR15 10.5 PIST.

Keep a quality small/medium sized backpack in your vehicle. There are a lot of really good packs out there. We like 5.11, Kelty and Maxpedition. These are not cheap in price. They are very high in quality and will last many years… Stock it for at being out for 1 to 3 days. As far as contents. This subject has been beat to death. So you can youtube the subject and make your own educated decisions. Remember keep things to a minimum to keep weight down and the ease mobility up. At first when developing our kits we all tend to pack two much crap… Then we carry it and train with it. Then we modify our load out to be more practical. Everyone goes through this process… Keep the weight down!

Again, all of this is subjective and not absolute, just a broad overview of what we do and it works well for us. To much stuff and you will be much less likely to train with it let alone carry it with you day to day… Ask us how we know! Lightweight minimalist kit wins. We are civilian Patriots, not the military. We always select gear we can integrate into day to day life. Our kit is set up for relatively short duration usages of 1 to 3 days.

You ultimately have to live with your gear.

You will update and continually develop your kit to fit your needs, a work in progress.

Being ready for conflict may save your life and your family members lives.

It is your duty.


Get busy!

Best regards…



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