Fighting Rifle Set-Ups

A fighting rifle needs a few basic but essential accessories.

These are:

  • A white weapon mounted flashlight. This is need for target identification in the dark at close range. You must be sure of target and what is beyond it. Once the trigger has been pressed, you cannot stop the bullet! Be sure of your target!
  • A sling: It is no secret that we like the Viking Tactics Wide Padded Two Point Sling for its versatility, but any sturdy sling will work. Sometimes you need to go hands free. A sling allows for this while retaining your weapon.
  • Iron sights that are zeroed. We prefer a 50 yard zero. (Scroll down this blog sight and read why!) We generally use iron sights as a back up sighting system to a red dot or magnified optic, but there is nothing at all wrong with using iron sights as primary sights.

That is about it.

Keep it simple.

You can watch the video below for further guidance in your quest.



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