PATRIOT PLATES AND CONDOR CENTURY CARRIER I have been searching for body armor for quite some time.

I was looking for a good balance of cost vs. quality vs. mobility.

The Patriot Plate 1 system delivers.

The system comes with a plate carrier and two, 10 x 12 steel armor plates that are a quarter inch thick! All for $150 + $13.65 for USPS shipping!

The carrier is the Condor “Sentry” model in O.D. Green.

The carrier is not U.S. made…

The quality is very good…

The stitching is A+.

War ready!

The plates, front & rear are made from genuine Military Mil-A-46100E armor plate,.

The plates weigh 8 lbs. 2 oz. each. Not super light, but very manageable.

The plates are available non-coated or coated with what looks to be line-x pick-up truck bed-liner coating to better control bullet splatter, a $21.00 per plate option. I opted for the non-coated version.

The plates currently ship with sharp corners at the bottom of the plates…

This condition will eventually chew a hole or two in the carrier. I purchased the non-coated version because I knew I will be rounding the corners. I will coat the plates myself when done rounding the corners.

I wore both plates in the carrier with no drama for 4 hours.

Get it here:

Get this set-up, you will not be disappointed!










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