Training to Kill Terrorist, both Foreign & Demestic

No sugar coating or political correctness today.

  • Fact 1: The types of terrorist attacks in Paris will be repeated in other places around the world.
  • Fact 2: The authorities cannot protect everyone.
  • Fact 3: The plans of a terrorist can go undetected if they maintain operational security, therefore having control of the time, place, type, & severity of the attack(s).
  • Fact 4: A terrorist group, united by a religious & political ideology, that has openly said they hate you and plan to kill you are training and planning everyday. How have you trained to defeat the terrorist today?
  • Fact 5: When you are reactive in a shooting attack, your first priority is to not get shot (seek cover/concealment if possible…). Then you need to access the situation & make some decisions of what is to happen next… Do you engage & kill the terrorist(s) or do you become another dead victim? Hopefully you have trained enough for this moment… It was your duty to do so…
  • Fact 6: We recommend carrying at least a mid to full-size fighting pistol with several magazines. Ignore the sign that says you cannot carry it. Don’t worry, the terrorists will ignore the sign too… There are people out there who hate you and will do their best to kill you and anyone with you simply because you are an American or a Christian.
  • Fact 7: The best defense is not defense, it is a brutal and violent counter attack. If you take a defensive attitude into this fight, you will fail and you will die. You must ATTACK the attackers!

Study the bloody carnage in Paris. This would have been a very different scene if the victims were well trained, armed, & had the mindset to kill the terrorists at all cost…



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