Refugee Invasion, A quiet form of GENOCIDE.

The information below applies to the third world people flooding the borders of America and Europe. Spanish from South/Central America/Mexico, Middle East, Africa…

This is a link that shows 190 U.S. cities the Muslims are being relocated to…

This a link that sheds some light on the Refugee Resettlement program of the US State Department and the US Department of Health and Human Services (Office of Refugee Resettlement) works.

Note: To all the “Hopeful” minded Christian minded readers, THESE REFUGEES WILL NOT EVER ASSIMILATE AND BECOME GOOD AMERICANS OR EUROPEANS. They will continue to practice their third world cultural practices, breed like rabbits, be a HUGE strain on our public resources, exploit loopholes in their host country’s system, commit heinous crime against the people of the host country…

Because of their lawlessness and genetically produced low IQ’s, our law makers will keep increasing taxes on the good people to pay for services provided to the “invaders”, AND more laws will be passed to limit our right of self protection.

We are being displaced / replaced with a more controllable populace.


Arm yourselves and get training and continue regular training. Workout daily. Promote our culture and heritage to our young. If you & yours are of truly genetically sound mind and body, HAVE MORE KIDS! We are at a major numeric deficit when it comes to our populace of “GOOD PEOPLE”…

If we do not do the above and more, we will not survive and thrive as a people.



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