Man Portable Two-Way / HAM Radio Recommendation

BaoFengBaoFeng Bx

We have looked at many different radios for the modern patriot.

We wanted very good to great performance at a reasonable price point, a tall order…

We set our price limit at $75 or less. (This price does not include the extra accessories we purchased.)

We arrived at this price limit by asking 10 other associates what is the limit they would be willing to pay for a good to great performing two-way / ham hand held radio.

The average response ranged between $50 to $100, so the price averaged at $75…

Enter the: BaoFeng UV-82HP High Power Dual band Radio

Price: $65 as of this writing from amazon.

Specs: 136 to 174 mhz (VHF) 400-520 mhz (UHF) Amateur Radio


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