Home Defense: Firing your Weapon Indoors (Or Out…)!

If you need to fire your weapon indoors (or outdoors…), be prepared to acquire some hearing damage!

Sure you can purchase a sound suppressor, $$$$….

Another more cost effective method of protecting and enhancing your situational hearing is to wear electronic hearing protection during a indoor/outdoor/anytime threat encounter!

Whoa!, wait a minute here you say, “I need to be able to hear and communicate during the threat encounter”!

We agree.

Now pay attention here, electronic hearing protection will AMPLIFY your  ” all non-shooting hearing”, making your ability to hear and communicate much better!  Think of it like a hearing aid that amplifys commutative sound levels (talking, giving commands, movement sounds, etc.) but when firing your weapon, will cut off shooting level decibel sound levels that permanently damage your hearing, thus protecting your hearing!

So alongside of your loaded home defense weapon (That should have a light attached to it!), keep electronic ear hearing protection.

It only takes two seconds to put it on and then you grab your loaded weapon and investigate the potential threat.

You should be practicing movement through your home (room clearing) with a unloaded weapon while wearing your electronic hearing protection.

This one of our top recommendations: http://www.howardleight.com/ear-muffs/impact-sport–2

Victory favors the prepared!


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