Economical Weapon Hard-Case

First off, good plastic rifle hard cases are spendy… ($100-$300 range…)

If you are frugal like I am most of the time, then you may like this idea…

Hard-cases for typical AR-15 rifles or other rifles of similar length will fit nicely in a “Plano” Compound Bow Hard Case”.

Cost is around $25-30!

I use the case shown for the very excellent Sig Sauer 22LR training rifle. (The Sig 522 is super reliable with all types of ammunition!)

I also added two East German AK Mag Pouches at a cost of $3 each to hold 8 magazines!

The pouches are held in place with para-cord.

These cases also fit 16 inch AR-15’s perfectly!

photo 1

photo 3


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