Tactics Tip: Noise Discipline

Noise Discipline Tip

Night Vision is all about giving you the edge at night.  Whether your adversary is of the two or four-legged variety, night vision helps you employ stealth.  But, it only helps. It won’t work on its own; you have to do some work too. So, let’s talk about some of the unconventional things that can give you away.

There’s nothing like being out in the field, slowly and quietly creeping towards your target, being aware of every step you take, making sure nothing rattles or makes noise.  You finally make your way into position and… out comes a cough.  It’s a natural body function, so what do you do?  Your night vision gives you a distinct advantage in the dark, but noise discipline is a must if you’re needing to maintain stealth.So, suppress your coughs and throat clearing in the field by bringing some hard candies or losanges with you.  Just remember to only bring the ones wrapped in wax paper!  Crinkling plastic wrap is a big no-no.  But, keeping a hard candy in your mouth will help soothe your throat and suppress that cough, making sure you don’t accidentally give away your position.


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