AR 15 Homemade Gun Lube ALTERNATIVE!

AR 15 Homemade Gun Lube ALTERNATIVE!

This is a formula called "Bug Juice" we learned at an NRA Instructor School:
*2-Quarts Synthetic Motor Oil. We used 10-30 but weight ain't really important.
*1-Quart Automatic Transmission Fluid. Brand and spec. don't matter.
*1-Bottle of original STP. The blue bottle.
*1-7 oz. jar of Hoppe's Solvent.

Get a one-gallon plastic mayo jar/jug from a restuarant. WARNING:Wash the mayo jug out to remove any mayonaise from inside the jar and dry.

Pour the oil, ATF in first and shake well.
Add the STP and then the Hoppe's and mix well.

It should cost around $30 to mix a gallon, which breaks down to .20 cents an ounce. Much less expensive than store bought lubes.

A little goes a long way. Give your friends some. It is some amazing liquid.

Also, for cleaning, just use straight ATF. It is high detergent and a lubricant as well.

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