Homemade Gun Lube for the AR 15 Rifle, Save $$!

I use a 50/50 mixture of 30wt synthetic motor oil and automatic transmission fluid. I then take that mixture and thicken with synthetic grease (I use the red bearing grease, waterproof type) until the mixture runs about like maple syrup (the real stuff; it’s a little thinner).

I have been using this mixture for about 5 years now, and I have noticed a couple things about it.

1) It stays put pretty well. if i lube up a rifle and then stand it up in my safe for two or three months, the first time I pull the CH there is still lube in all the critical locations instead of down in my buffer tube.

2) It doesn’t vaporize out of everything after the first three shots. I have run a couple courses, both pistol and carbine, with this mixture. I haven’t had to re-lube as often as others. even after extended usage, there is still lube where it needs to be.

3) Clean up seems to be easier then with other stuff I have used. Maybe it’s because of the detergents in motor oil that are there specifically to fight carbon build-up in high heat environments, but clean up tends to be a snap. no scrubbing…

4) lubrication properties are excellent. I have a couple AR’s with a LOT of rounds through them that have only used this mixture (one in particular has in excess of 10K). Wear is non-existent. Nobody would be able to open one of those rifles up and tell that there has been any more use then break-in.

5) It’s cheap. A bottle of ATF, 30wt Mobil 1, and a tube of synthetic grease has lasted me 3 years now, and I have only used 1/2 of them.

This recipe has worked very well for me.

If the end of the world came, there would be all kinds of cars and trucks rusting away that you’d be able to easily tap into for all three of those components


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