I will view this from the perspective of a vigilant civilian, or off-duty police officer…or a better term would be the “Unannounced Fighter”. (EMBRACE THIS TITLE.)

Hesitation kills. A lesson any man that has gone in harm’s way knows by painful experience. Hesitation is often developed at the administrative/political level by those who’ve never looked death in the face themselves. (Most of our elected officials & employers, etc.) Keep that in mind.

From the “Unannounced Fighter” perspective: Consider that you are a fighter. You are physically trained, and skilled. You are physically fighting fit. While your coworkers drink beer watching sports, you are in the weight room, on the track, or at the range. You self-select yourself to be a fighter.


The terrorist may have the element of surprise, but SO DO WE, the “Unannounced Fighter”!

So consider the following; if you can, be armed always. Yes…I know… But consider the implications. Of the ten dead civilians in France, how many would have willingly disobeyed the wrongful laws in order to stay alive? If it is difficult, learn to conceal the weapon better. At the very least have a knife with which to stab a terrorist to death. IT IS BETTER TO DIE FIGHTING THAN TO DIE COWERING! IT IS OUR SACRED DUTY TO BE READY FOR THE FIGHT AT ALL TIMES!

Lets get our minds right about such matters.

Get yourself in fighting shape. Strong people are harder to kill. The terrorist coming to kill you & others, has taken his fitness seriously…do you think he is kidding?

If you are armed your life is easier. Resist the temptation to leave the real sized fighting gun at home and go forth with a pocket pistol. Anyone can carry a full sized fighting pistol with a little fore thought and care in dressing for the weapon.

Consider that a terrorist event like what we saw in France is not the same as a CCW self defense encounter with concerns over legality, deadly force, or liability. The moment that it is a terrorist event, all other concerns are non-issues. A man or men with masks and rifles classifies as such. We all have the God given right of self defense.

Learn to shoot accurately at distance and in close. Speed matters! There were guys photographing and videotaping the assassination of the French police officer. A good practiced hand with a proper pistol might have killed one or both of those terrorists at the distance.

There will be no warnings, no posting and challenging, only recognition of threat and escalation of violence… Learn to shoot faces, necks, and pelvic areas at room distances. (Bad guys often were armor…) Yes, there is a chance you will be killed by the terrorist…but you will be killed anyway if you do nothing and more than likely you actions saved lives.

You can decide how do you want to look for the Crime Scene photos?

Hiding under a desk hiding with a terrified look on your face and shot full of 7.62×39 rounds, or a smiling corpse on a mountain of brass, blood and dead terrorists? If I am given the choice I will be the guy in the second image. You might survive and if you are decisive enough, accurate enough, violent enough & lucky enough.

Let us all be those things.

Make 2015 a good year!



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